"The StellarStudio program allows studios to earn more on each sale. That's not all, StellarStudios are eligible for special promotions throughout the year and invitations to exclusive access events and parties. StellarStudios may also opt to participate in beta tests and get to see and provide input on advanced features and functionality before they go live. Their input is compiled and influences the next releases of software for Kinkbomb.com. Our StellarStudios are our most valued partners." -Kinkbomb.com Leadership

What is a StellarStudio?

StellarStudios have achieved the Kinkbomb.com requirements for sales volume, customer satisfaction, policy compliance, and account standing and are rewarded with exclusive benefits to recognize their contributions to the success of the Kinkbomb.com community.

In order to attain and maintain the StellarStudio status, a studio owner needs to develop a proven track record of both quality and quantity of content and sales. Achieving higher sales volume will result in a higher StellarStudio tier, and each tier includes additional benefits and privileges. Studio owners can track their progress towards StellarStudio advancement via the StudioZone. StellarStudio program eligibility and guidelines are reviewed every month, and studios not meeting the eligibility requirements may lose their StellarStudio status.

Studios qualify for the StellarStudio program based on the current month’s performance. Benefits are then applied for the following month.

Basic StellarStudio requirements:

  • 60 days on site
  • Customer satisfaction (details below)
  • Sales volume requirements (details below)
  • Compliance with Kinkbomb.com policies, terms & conditions

Customer Satisfaction:

Kinkbomb.com receives feedback emails and phone calls daily from customers who are pleased or displeased with content purchased on Kinkbomb.com. Each case of dissatisfaction is researched, reviewed, and taken info full account. In some cases, studio owners will be contacted to pass along the complaints. Multiple customer complaints can lead to indefinite suspension from participation in the StellarStudio program.

Sales Volume Requirements:

There are three tiers of StellarStudios based on sales volume:

StellarStudio Tier Sales
Silver $1,000
Gold $2,500
 Platinum $5,000

* Values subject to quarterly review and change

What are StellarStudio benefits?

StellarStudio Benefits:
    • Increased percentages of total sales
    • Customer Support
    • Logo Merchandise
    • StellarSellar templates for marketing
    • Prominent StellarStudio logo on studio
    • StellarStudio logo for use on promotional products
    • VIP Invitations to Kinkbomb.com promotional tour events

Kinkbomb.com awards StellarStudios the maximum amount of benefits to recognize and reward studios who consistently provide excellent customer service and maintain exemplary sales levels. Some program benefits may differ by StellarStudio tier.

Increased percentages of total sales

Increasing your percentages are our way of recognizing and rewarding studios who maintain consistent sales and customer service. StellarStudios are eligible for increases as follows:

StellarStudio Tier Commission
Silve 65%
Gold 70%
 Platinum 75%

* Values subject to quarterly review and change

Customer Support

Kinkbomb.com continues to build around the best customer service system in the industry, and now can provide all StellarStudios with priority customer support and technical assistance. StellarStudios are assigned to a specific service team who is your point of contact for all issues or concerns. This helps our service technicians become more familiar with your studio and needs, and helps the StellarStudio achieve a first name basis with the technicians on their account.